Operations & Advisory Solutions

Buy back your time.

Whether you need someone to help organize your time, or you are looking for someone to delve deep into the depths of your business, an executive assistant, fractional COO or operator could be a good fit for you.

Start working on the business instead of in the business.

Hiring someone for key roles in your business that are not directly revenue generating will make a huge impact on the amount of time you spend putting out little fires, versus the time you spend scaling.

Our advisory solutions will determine whether your business needs an EA, or a full or part time fractional operator.


Businesses report that hiring a good operator, or COO increases operational efficiency & improves company visibility which increases revenue.

Buy Back Time

An EA alone will save you on average of 8 hours per week. Imagine how fast your business would grow with 8 hours of networking each week.


Hiring this key role in your business allows for another set of eyes to strategically look for and evaluate opportunities for growth.

A Fractional COO or Operator provides the right amount of work.

Save time and money by only spending resources on the pillars of your business that need attention.


Having a plan is called a system. Our team comes in & establishes systems that drive progress, wether you need an EA, or a COO.

Brand Management

From social media to marketing & branding, we provide you with the framework to get more exposure.

Communication & Organizational Structure.

Maybe your email is out of control, and you don’t answer 90% of your DM’s. Or you have a small team but nobody knows how to work together.

We ensure day-to-day operations are led and that all team efforts support strategic objectives by streamlining clear paths of communication.

What Is A Fractional COO or Operator

A position that could be the lifeblood of your business.

This is a high performing role tailored to the exact needs of your real estate business.

While investors focus on activities that grow the business, the fractional COO streamlines operations.

Organize, Manage & Communicate

Establish Systems & Processes

Spread The Word With Social

How It Works

Click the BOOK A CALL button which takes you to a form that asks some information about your business, why you think you need help, and what you are focusing on.

After we read your response we will reach out to you to schedule a zoom discovery call.

Discovery Call

During the call our team will get a good understanding of your business, what you are trying to achieve, what your pain points are, and if we can help.

Follow Up Call

The TC Collective will meet after your discovery call as a team, and come up with a plan and a bid to present to you in the follow up call.


Examples of work that may fall under systems & operations:

  • Setting up a property management platform
  • Designing SOP’s for an EA or other roles in the company
  • Managing property acquisition software
  • Establishing SOP’s to operate a STR or MTR business

Systems & Operations

This pillar is different for every investor, as each person focuses on different aspects of real estate.

Communications & Organizational Structure

The main purpose of this pillar is to streamline communication & organize infrastructure to handle the communication.


Some tasks associated with this pillar are:.

  • Organizing email inboxes
  • Establishing a CRM
  • Setting up & managing appointment calendars
  • Hiring and training an EA


This pillar is very broad. A few tasks associated with brand management are:

  • Establishing a website & social media platforms
  • Creating a content calendar & posting schedule
  • Starting an email list
  • Assisting with video & content creation
  • Branded material creation

Brand Management

This pillar involves establishing a brand voice, getting consistent on a social media platform, and engaging leads & clients through email.