Meet Daniella Devine

I’m a third generation small business owner and operator. I love the grit and determination it takes to build something you can be proud of. I’ve been extremely fortunate to watch my Grandparents and Father both struggle and succeed in small business, as well as the opportunity to work as partner and co-owner in that environment.

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My family believed with intensity that the most secure way to build not only businesses but your future was through real estate..

Real estate was always at the center of every business conversation we had: how to build generational wealth, how to depreciate taxes, how to secure real property that you could turn into several others, etc.

I’m thrilled to be a transaction coordinator specializing in creative transactions. We have the ability to touch every deal in such an intimate way, and provide an outstanding service to our investor community across the country. Building relationships with the folks that make complex transactions move to close is gratifying and challenging.

As a mother to two young boys and a wife, I am honored to take part in your transactions and excited to share what I learn with my family as we build our own portfolio.

Let’s Connect!

Send me a DM or email. I love to build my network and work with like minded people!

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