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I Am Heather Kiddoo

I am a real estate investor, transaction consultant, nutrition business mentor, former CrossFit gym owner, and candle maker in my spare time. (She Said Candle Co).

I think someone once said that the most wealthy people have around 7 different revenue streams. Well, I’m going to get there!

I discovered real estate as a means to establish a family business that my sons will hopefully join after graduating college. Being a gym owner, is not something that interests them, nor something I ever expected them to be a part of. Gym ownership satisfied my desire to help people, but the income potential for the long, sometimes thankless hours just wasn’t there.

Witnessing my oldest son Ethan transition from a high school senior to a college freshman, made me realize the fleeting nature of time. We invest significant effort preparing our children for independence, only for them to have to embark on a soul-searching journey in hopes to determine their life’s path and future profession.

It doesn’t always have to be that way!

Had I been more strategic, I would have come up with this idea sooner – establishing a family business passed down through generations to avoid the need for separation. While our children will move out, acquire their own homes, and start families, the notion that they must independently forge a life detached from the relationships cultivated over the years is disconcerting.

Why commit to a 9-5 job confined within the walls of a cubicle, working for an unknown person, when the opportunity to work for oneself and their family is readily available? And, if they do find something they love to do in the W2 world, real estate can seamlessly complement their profession.

I believe our purpose on this earth is to use our gifts to help others. Helping people sell their homes by providing a creative solution can resolve their undesirable situations. Lending on deals enables individuals to acquire properties they might otherwise be unable to afford – creating a mutually advantageous scenario.

I pursued the Top Tier TC accreditation to immerse myself in the realm of creative real estate transactions, mastering the intricacies of paperwork and contracts associated with these diverse deals. Additionally, I am a creative finance real estate investor, and private money lender.

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My journey has been rewarding so far and I met my two amazing business partners on this journey, Rinda Emick and Daniella Devine. Together we will change the landscape of creative real estate transaction coordination, and help investors with operating their business.

Soon, I look forward to sharing these experiences with my two sons.

With chaos comes opportunity…


Heather Kiddoo

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