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Our Team

Daniella Devine The TC Collective

Daniella Devine


Daniella is a third generation small business owner and operator who loves the grit and determination it takes to build something to be proud of. The experience she has gained from years of running her father’s commercial flooring business is applied daily to The TC Collective and has been an integral part of its expansion.

Daniella is a licensed commercial real estate broker in California, and a Top Tier Certified TC.

Rinda Emick


Before finding a passion for creative real estate Rinda grew and operated a team of over 50 sales associates in the MLM wellness spectrum. The communications and management experience she gained has now been applied to the growth of The TC Collective and her own investment journey in the multifamily space.

Rinda is a licensed realtor in Colorado, and Texas in addition to being a Top Tier Certified TC.

Heather Kiddoo Transaction Coordinator

Heather Kiddoo


Heather’s former life involved CrossFit gym ownership of over 10 years. She is still a fitness and nutrition nut, but sold her gym creatively to start a family real estate investing business her kids can be a part of as they grow up.

Heather is also a former realtor in IA/IL and is taking the experience of business ownership and applying it to the growth and expansion of The TC Collective.

Heather is a Top Tier Certified TC and has one investment SFH purchased creatively.

Evita Miller

Associate TC

Evita Miller is the newest addition to To The TC Collective. Although new to the real estate space Evita is an amazing networker and has put herself in front of the right people to learn so many things.

Upon obtaining her Top Tier Certified TC status Evita has now had the opportunity to TC many files and is a natural born leader. She has goals and aspirations of building her own portfolio over the next few years.

Evita Miller headshot

How We Can Help You

TC’s have the ultimate network!

Our services go WAY beyond helping with paperwork. The relationships you are able to leverage by working with us could make the difference between a deal that closes, and one that doesn’t.

We are Top Tier Certified.

We are certified by one of the top Creative Transaction Coordination Education Platforms in the country.

We Streamline​

  • Contract Review
  • Opening Escrow
  • Monitoring Dates
  • Title Report Review
  • Addendum Assistance
  • Loan Servicing
  • Accountability

We Communicate

  • With Sellers
  • With Buyers
  • With Attorneys
  • With Title & Escrow
  • With Loan Servicers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Lenders

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Working with a transaction coordinator can save you a significant amount of time that you can divert to capturing your next investment opportunity.